5 signs it’s time for AC maintenance service in Palm Bay, FL

5 signs it’s time for AC maintenance service in Palm Bay, FL

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We all love AC in the middle of the hot, Florida summer. There’s no disputing that it’s an essential part of Florida life. If you don’t have AC around here, you’re not just sacrificing comfort, you’re putting your health at risk. And while most Florida residents enjoy AC at home, many are running old, and poorly maintained units that haven’t been serviced in years.

Arnold Air is the premier AC maintenance service in Palm Bay, FL and has been for decades. We provide AC installations, indoor air quality services, AC maintenance services and much, much more. We do it all because our job is to keep you comfortable and healthy at home.

If you have an older AC model in your home, here are five signs that it’s time for maintenance. Keep your eye out for any one of these because you could be wasting money and sacrificing comfort and health if your AC is running poorly.

  • Inaccurate thermostat

It can be hard to tell if your thermostat is working correctly. But if you experience temperature fluctuations, different temperatures in different parts of the house, or an inability to adjust your home’s temperature, you should probably get it checked out.
Your thermostat regulates and controls your AC unit. It’s in charge of everything. If it’s not working properly, you could be wasting a lot of money and your AC unit could be headed towards much more severe problems than just a failing thermostat.

  • House isn’t cooling

If you turn on or adjust your AC and your house doesn’t cool down, there’s something wrong. It shouldn’t take more than an hour to notice the change and if it never comes, you may have a problem with your thermostat or it might be something wrong with your AC unit. Either way, it’s time for an inspection and servicing.

  • Water where it shouldn’t be

If you notice water on the floor or condensing on the walls and ceiling in the room where your AC unit is, there’s a big problem. It might be a quick fix for a repairman or it might be indicative of a bigger issue. Either way. Call a professional before it gets any worse and damages your home or your AC further.

  • Expensive utility bills

If your utility bills seem to be more expensive than they used to be, there’s probably a reason, and it could be your AC unit. Old models are far less efficient than newer, more advanced ones. Furthermore, an AC unit in disrepair will run far less efficiently than if it is being serviced regularly. The cost of AC maintenance often pays for itself after a couple of months of cheaper utility bills.

  • Strange noises or smells

This one’s a no brainer. If there are strange smells throughout your house or there are strange noises coming from your AC unit, shut it down and call a specialist immediately. This could be indicative of a big problem and a potential health risk. If there are strange smells in your house, it is best to turn off your AC and leave the house until help arrives. Leave doors and windows open on your way out to allow for maximum ventilation.

So if you see any of these warning signs, call Arnold Air today. We are the number one AC maintenance service in Palm Bay, FL and you’ll see why right away. Our professional and courteous staff are ready to help you now. So call us at (321)952-5511 and make your home summer ready.