AC Installation Service Palm Bay FL

AC Installation Service Palm Bay FL

Hazards of Hiring Unlicensed AC Installation Service Palm Bay FL

A licensed HVAC contractor isn’t necessarily the most efficient, but the license does serve as a recognition of the contractor’s professionalism and commitment to the job. Not all HVAC service providers are licensed – there are quite a few taking up HVAC jobs despite not being legally qualified. Unlicensed work may come inexpensive, but if you’re hiring the service, then be ready for the following:


No license means uninsured services. In other words, the contractor cannot reimburse for the losses incurred if there’s any damage to your appliance or property during work. This means you’d pay up for the losses. Similarly, any damage or injury to an individual during the course of the project would be your responsibility.

Building Codes Noncompliance

AC change-outs need inspections and permits. Unlicensed contractors are usually not acquainted with relevant building codes and can’t get permits. If your brand new AC setup does not comply with zoning and building codes, you’d have to repair or remove the work done and pay extra for the necessary alterations.

Poor Quality

Not all poor AC installation job is courtesy unlicensed contractors. At times, even the most experienced and skilled contractors falter. However, the probabilities of an unlicensed service provider offering sub-par work is much higher compared to a licensed professional. The poor work can be attributed to contractor skills and also the fact that unrecognized service providers aren’t answerable to any higher authority or inspector.

Limited Broken Contract Recourse

In case you end up in a dispute with a licensed contractor, you can lodge a complaint against the contractor with a business regulatory body applicable in your state or region. When working with unlicensed contractors, you don’t have such recourses and you’re all by yourself.

To make sure your AC units don’t fall prey to unlicensed work, contact Arnold Air Conditioning. We have been in the HVAC business since 1972 and have got all the legal credentials, skills and expertise required for AC installation service Palm Bay FL.