AC Replacement 101

AC Replacement 101


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Replacing an old or inefficient AC system will benefit you and your family in several different ways, and Arnold Air Conditioning has been taking care of all the air conditioning needs of our clients in Sebastian, FL since 1972.

  • Comfort:

A well functioning AC system will keep your home cool and comfortable in the excruciatingly hot and humid Florida summer months. So it is extremely important to keep your system in good condition, and to replace an old unit for a new one when needed. Bad AC units can deliver inadequate cooling, non-uniform temperatures around the house, and even disturb your peace with cranking noises. All of those are symptoms of an AC unit going bad, and the problem needs to be promptly addressed. Sometime minor repairs can solve the issue. Please have one of our certified professionals come assess the problem. We, at Arnold Air Conditioning, strive for the most professional AC repair and replacement services in Sebastian, FL. Remember, if you take care of your AC, your AC will take care of you!

  • Cost:

Air conditioning is believed to be responsible for half of the utility usage in an average American household. That is especially true during hot summer months. So, an efficient AC system is essential to cut down costs. Arnold Air Conditioning has state-of-the-art energy efficient equipments that will keep your house cool, and your wallet happy. Regular repairs and replacement of your AC system will pay for itself in the long term, which makes sense not only from an economic perspective, but also from an environmental perspective.

  • Health

Nature has different mechanisms to keep the air in our atmosphere clean and safe. But the air inside your house does not get cleaned and recycled by those natural mechanisms. That’s why it is of utmost importance to have a functioning air conditioning system in your house. Stale air can be a fertile breeding ground for bacteria and other micro-organisms, leaving you and your loved ones more vulnerable to allergy and infections. Minor things like regularly changing vent filters can also keep the air inside your house clean and dust free.

We, at Arnold Air Conditioning, always strive to provide a friendly, convenient, and professional AC replacement service in Sebastian, FL at an affordable price. Give us a call at (321)952-5511 any time of the day, any day of the year to find out about our equipments and services.