Air Conditioner Installation Palm Bay FL

Air Conditioner Installation Palm Bay FL


Yes, you’ve saved up enough money to finally install that air conditioning unit you have always dreamed about. Don’t dive in head first, do your homework, get all your ducks in a row and then make an informed decision on what system you want, and who is going to install.

The service provider you select can make a huge difference to the result. You want you money to be spent on something that is going to provide pleasure and not pain.


Arnold Air have been providing air conditioner installation Palm Bay FL since 1972. We are proud to say that we have achieved the Daikin seal of approval and we work hard to retain that.

We have learned from our experiences through the 44 years we have been in the industry and we understand the value of customer relations and consumer satisfaction. We, along with our trained staff, strive for excellence in these areas, on a daily basis.

Our business is dependant on our customers and you are the reason we are still here and thriving after so many years.

Air Conditioner Installation

Your installation of your air conditioner is probably the most important part of deciding to purchase one. How it is installed will be the basis on which your  system operates from the very beginning. An installation that is shoddy and leaves your system running inefficiently and not very cost-effectively is already a recipe for disaster.

We, at Arnold Air provide installations of only the highest quality. Our materials used during installation are high grade, equipment used is superior, and our workmanship cannot be faulted in any way.

Our technicians take care of everything, we visit your home and assess your needs, design a system that will sufficiently supply your home, implement the installation, and test and commission the unit on completion. Our work is clean and our housekeeping after the fact is impeccable. We adhere to all safety standards so that you have peace of mind that safety concerns are never an issue

Call us today! Arnold Air, we’ll provide you with an installation worth spending your hard earned savings on. Your family will be so pleased with the results and we know that they’ll appreciate what you undertook for their comfort sake.