Air Conditioner Repair Service Palm Bay FL

Air Conditioner Repair Service Palm Bay FL

Yes, you have forgotten to do the maintenance on your air conditioning unit and now you are paying the price. It is sweltering hot outside and your air conditioner is making sounds that you’ve never heard and worst of all, the air is warm instead of the wonder, cold comfort you have become accustomed to.

Sounds like you need us, Arnold Air.


Arnold Air have been providing air conditioner repair service Palm Bay, FL to the community for more than 40 years and we are proud to say we have kept hundreds, no, thousands of families in their comfort zone.

We have a reputation built on good, solid customer service and quality work.

Air Conditioner Repair Service

Your air conditioning system is a mechanical system that provides you with comfort at times when you really need it most. As with anything of a mechanical nature, there is wear and tear and yes, unfortunately the parts won’t last forever no matter how often you maintain the system.

Don’t let breakdowns put you on the back foot, call us up and we will gladly come out and aid you in your time of need.

Our technicians are wonderful, they are reliable and know the value of your time. We make appointments and keep them. We’ll evaluate the repair to be done and provide you with options and prices. We know how important your air conditioner is to your lifestyle and we won’t leave you stranded without it for long.

Our upfront pricing if fixed and firm and you won’t pay a penny more than we have quoted. Our parts and workmanship have a 12 year warranty attached to them which is proof enough of our confidence in our abilities and our products.

If we feel your money is wasted on a repair, we’ll save you that cost and recommend a replacement immediately.

We have your best interests at heart in every decision we make.

Call Arnold Air today. We take the stress out of repairs and the worry out of the cost.