Air Conditioner Warranty and Pricing: The Small Details That Make a Difference

Air Conditioner Warranty and Pricing: The Small Details That Make a Difference

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Most people keep their emergency fund for things like the car or unforeseen medical bills, usually they haven’t made provision for the day their central heating and air system gives up for good. At Arnold Air, we believe everyone should be able to afford premium grade heating and cooling products, going without an air conditioner in the Florida heat is more than just a little uncomfortable! Now when you need a new air unit the first thing many homeowners worry about is the cost, but buying the cheapest product available is not going to serve you well in the long-term and anyone with basic local HVAC knowledge knows that if your new central AC installation service in Viera, FL isn’t well made or fitted correctly, you’re essentially going to be throwing money away on purchase and then continue to lose more with high energy bills and frequent repairs due to poor craftsmanship.  To help you navigate the process, take a look below at why warranty matters and how the initial pricing of new air conditioning equipment indicates its performance.

Why Warranty Matters

Now when you’re going to be spending big bucks on a new air conditioner you automatically assume that this will cover you for any repairs or maintenance at least for a reason amount of time. That seems fair, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, there’s often a lot of hidden clauses and small details that mean that some basic aspects of repair and maintenance aren’t covered by some air conditioning manufacturers. Essentially this is a sales tactic that both unprofessional repairmen and large scale companies make money off of the fact you’re going to inevitably need to call someone out to repair and quite often replace a system that you haven’t had for the minimum standard of 8-12 years.

What Does Warranty Usually Include?

Often even if you’ve only just had your air conditioner installed and it breaks down while the cost of parts is usually covered by all manufacturer’s warranties within the first few months, the cost of the repair or maintenance needed, meaning that if you weren’t happy with the contractor that originally did the job, you’re still going to have to pay them or someone new unless you can prove they’re liable for the fault which can be difficult. When you come to us for a central AC installation service in Viera, FL all our technicians are fully certified and operate under liability insurance at all times, we’ll even walk you through how to activate your warranty to ensure you’re covered.

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Pricing and Premium Air Conditioners

Now while we’d never recommend buying the cheapest central air equipment, it shouldn’t cost you the earth either, if you’ve had a look online or been quoted a very high price by a contractor, hold fire. Our expert technicians do home assessments before making any product recommendations when you need a central air installation in Viera, FL. The main reason for this being that everyone’s homes and needs are different. We’re pleased to work with some of the best brands like Daikin and Redeem – we choose manufacturers based on system performance and additional benefits, like extended warranty. Getting a premium air conditioner from a reputable company covers you for damage and repairs giving you peace of mind. Call us on 321-952-5511 to schedule your appointment today.