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July 12, 2016
Central AC Repair Service Viera FL
July 12, 2016

Air Conditioning Installation Viera FL

With the heat in Florida, it is virtually a must for all new structures to have air conditioning installed. This would help keep the people inside comfortable despite any heat wave that might be experienced in the state. There are a lot of factors to consider when installing a new system. One of them is choosing whether to get a centralized or a distributed system. It will all depend on the layout, the budget, and the personal preferences of the owners. Call an air conditioning installation Viera FL specialist such as Arnold Air for assistance.

Centralized AC

In this configuration, there is only one cooling source and the air it produces gets blown to every other corner of the house using fans and ducts. This makes things rather simple because controls only have to be set once and everything follows. However, some structures may not be suited to the installation of ducts and some people do not like having a singular setting for all the rooms. After all, every person has different needs when it comes to cooling.

Distributed AC

This is why the distributed model is still quite popular. This uses several smaller units with one installed per room to provide the occupants with the freedom to select their own settings. There is no need for ducts. Window units are placed on the perimeter walls with one side exposed to the outdoors and the other facing the room.

A split system, on the other hand, has two separate units with one complete on the outside and another completely on the inside. The walls need not be opened. Only a small hose carrying air has to pass through. This is a bit more expensive than the former but the setup looks better and the owners are insulated from noise thanks to the placement of the condenser and motor.

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