Air Conditioning Maintenance Service Palm Bay FL

Air Conditioning Maintenance Service Palm Bay FL


We all know what a huge expense an air conditioning system is, and what time and thought is put into having such a system installed. You may have saved up years for this day and yes, you finally have the comfort your family deserves. While  you may jubilant at the moment, you need to remember that in order for the system to keep serving you, you have to regularly maintain the system.

We, at Arnold Air, have been providing air conditioning maintenance service palm bay fl has been so grateful for over the years.

Why Us For Maintenance?

Arnold Air has what it takes to make it in the industry. We have been in operation since 1972. 44 Years of servicing customers, and forging lasting relationships.

We know how valuable our customers are to our business and we take care of you. Our technicians are top notch, with skills and experience that cannot be matched by any other. Our work is a work of pride and we uphold our name and that of our partner, Daikin, in all we undertake. Friendly, open, and helpful staff are what make dealing with us so easy.

Maintenance Mania

Our technicians are fully aware of the workings of an air conditioning system and are efficient at carrying out regular preventive maintenance. They know exactly which areas are prone to damages, and we are thorough in ensuring that nothing escapes our keen eyes.

  • Clean or repair filters
  • Check refrigerant or gas and top-up as needed
  • Check drainage pipe for any blockages
  • Check electrical connections and tighten where necessary
  • Check for gas leaks which can be fatal to you and your family
  • Check associated ducting for leaks and ensure they are clean
  • Check exterior of equipment for any flaws, defects, or cracks

Regular maintenance, checking for these minor issues, and sorting them out straight away will prevent you from having to bare the cost of pricey repairs at a later stage.

Call Arnold Air today and experience our professionalism. Our maintenance services will keep you feeling cool and breezy all Summer long.