Air Conditioning Means Clean Air And So Much More For Your Home

Air Conditioning Means Clean Air And So Much More For Your Home

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Out here in Florida, it gets hot! At Arnold Air, we firmly believe that air conditioning system Viera FL is something everyone deserves to have. However, we don’t stop there. There is so much more we can offer you to help keep your air as clean as possible. That way, you can live your happiest and healthiest life.

AC installation, service, and repair

If you need a new AC, Arnold Air is who you want to call. We’ve been doing this for thirty-five years. Experience says it all. We’ve installed units in homes, offices, businesses, garages, you name it.

We also perform AC services and repairs. After all, installing a new air conditioning system Viera FL is only half the battle. It’s critical that you keep your unit well maintained so that it can do its job efficiently for years to come.

Indoor air quality

It’s no secret that the air outdoors, at least in most parts of the world, is fresher and cleaner than the stale, old air inside a building. That’s no mystery to us. Arnold Air has been working for years to provide state of the art and top of the line indoor air quality systems to families just like yours.

So how does it work?

Well outdoors, there are a number of processes going on all around you that help to purify the air you breathe. Plants are filtering out chemicals and converting molecules, not only CO2 into oxygen. Ionization of particles in the air are caused by weather patterns and binds dust and larger particles into rain clouds. Even the sun’s rays serve to kill bacteria and neutralize harmful particles in the air.

All of these things that happen outside to keep the air cleaner can be brought into your home this summer. An AC unit can only do so much to purify the air in your house. It needs help from a few key indoor air quality systems to really do the job right.

Are particles really that bad?

You bet they are. Airborne particles include everything from dust to disease. They get you sick, stuff you up, and can cause long term health side effects. The bad news is that over 98% of airborne particles are tiny, less than one micron in size. For a bit of perspective, a grain of salt is about 70 microns thick.

In order to filter out all of these microscopic health hazards, we offer the state of the art. Air cleaners, air filters, and ultraviolet lights can all be installed into your home AC to help get the job done.

So if you need a new air conditioning system Viera FL, or just need a little extra purifying power, call Arnold Air. We’ve been in this business longer than just about anyone. We know our stuff. If you have any questions or concerns, we would love to help. You can call us at (321)952-5511 or contact us directly on the web.