Air Conditioning System In Vero Beach

Air Conditioning System In Vero Beach

If you are purchasing an AC unit for the first time or simply replacing an old one, Arnold Air Conditioning offers the latest AC systems for residential and commercial application. With a good reputation and 44 years of quality service, your problems are solved here at Arnold Air Conditioning. We are licensed to offer our services to Indian River and Brevard Counties covering AC installation, repair as well as service.  There are many air conditioning systems in Vero Beach and our newly NATE certified technicians are just a call away from offering our full services. Common AC systems include;

Forced Air System

This is the most common AC system and many homeowners think about it when it comes to residential or commercial cooling. Also known as central air conditioning system, it has a central unit and a series of ducts running throughout the house. This is a standard air conditioning system for many homes and commercial spaces. We offer many designs, brands and high efficiency types for our clients. Our technicians are well trained to provide correct installation, repair and timely maintenance service.

Ductless AC System

Unlike the forced air system, this type has no ducts but an outdoor compressor and indoor cooling unit fitted high or the walls of the rooms to be conditioned. The compressor provides the coolant, drainage lines and power into the indoor systems. It is highly efficient and saves up to 30% on energy bills. Arnold Air Conditioning has vast experience in installing and servicing all ductless systems.

Variable Speed Air-handler

As the term suggests, this type runs at different speeds depending on the temperature requirements. It is an alternative to the conventional forced air system as it only rumps up to the required temperature then switches to lower speeds to maintain the desired room temperature. It is an energy saver since there is no need to turn it off and off periodically like the forced air which consumes much energy for that purpose. Call us and schedule an appointment today for all your cooling needs.