Are You Ready For A Florida Spring?

Are You Ready For A Florida Spring?

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Everyone here at Arnold Air Conditioning Inc. is getting excited for springtime. From gardening, to Easter get togethers and BBQs, to getting around to the spring cleaning chores, we are all excited for the season ahead. As you prepare your home for spring, whether it be some gardening and dusting the house, or some bigger spring repairs and investments in the home, make sure your air conditioner is ready for the warmer months ahead.

Our indoor air quality company in Sebastian has been helping families keep their air conditioners running at their best since 1972. In this blog post, find our most helpful ways to get your air conditioner ready for higher use ahead.

  1. Keep up on air filter changes. You should be changing your air filter once a month when using it often. Why? The filter is the number one way to improve air quality in your home by trapping dirt, pollutants, pollens, and other allergens instead of letting them circulate the house. Air filter changes are also important to preserving the lifespan of your AC. With an average of 15-20 years with good maintenance, keep yours going with filter changes which reduce the amount of internal wear from escaped contaminants. PRO TIP: Buy a multipack of filters next time you go to the hardware store and keep them nearby your AC. This will make the job so much easier for you as a homeowner. Also, set a monthly reminder on your cell phone calendar app or paper calendar to make sure you’re changing it on a consistent schedule.
  2. Clear out the yard. Get all debris out of your yard and away from your outdoor compressor unit. Anything that might sneak in can cause problems.
  3. Dust vents and registers around the home. Get a ladder and duster out to go around to each vent and intake register to dust them down. This will add to your air quality and has the additional bonus of cutting down on the surface dusting you’ll need to do around the house as a result.

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  1. Get an annual maintenance appointment. To truly make sure your AC is ready to perform all spring and summer long, get a maintenance visit. Expect about one hour of time. This appointment is crucial to catching small repair issues before they turn into expensive and time consuming larger replacements or repairs. If it’s been more than a year since a technician looked at your AC, it’s overdue. In addition to cleaning ducts and checking performance, this appointment can help reduce your monthly AC bills. Right before a warmer season is the perfect time to get a little help here!
  2. Check the quality of your AC’s performance. Run your AC cooler than you need it right now to see if it’s able to perform to this level of demand. Only change a few degrees down at a time to check.

If you’re due for a maintenance appointment or need a repair, call an indoor air quality company in Sebastian you can trust. Call Arnold Air Conditioning Inc. today at 772-589-1063 in Indian River County or 321-592-5511 in Brevard County. We are here to serve you all day, every day.