Indoor Air Quality Service Palm Bay FL

Indoor Air Quality Service Palm Bay FL

Poor air quality at home is a serious health concern that has worried public health authorities. Recent surveys have shown that indoor air quality is lower than the quality of air outside the house. This means that there is a high probability of getting a respiratory illness when you spend most of your time indoors than outdoors. The only way to make your home safer and more comfortable is to have an HVAC professional inspect it and put in place measures to improve the environment inside your home. To get the best indoor air quality service Palm Bay FL residents can always count on Arnold Air Conditioning and Heating.

Types of Air Contaminants

Air quality can only be improved once all the contaminants have been identified. Each home is unique, so the concentration of the contaminants differs greatly from one home to another. For instance, some homes have mold growing somewhere in the house. This may be below the kitchen sink or around the air handling unit of your AC, due to condensation. Whatever the case, mold spores can significantly lower IAQ and cause respiratory problems. If someone has a cold or flu, any sneezing or coughing will release flu virus into the air supply system, thereby contaminating air. If you burn food in the kitchen, the smoke will also contaminate air. Other types of contaminants include; dust, odors from cleaning detergents and air fresheners among others.

Guide to Improving IAQ

Once all the impurities have been identified, the next step is to install systems to deal with each of those impurities. Our team will install a dehumidifier to deal with the humidity problem, UV lamps to deal with the flu virus and mold spores, and a whole-house air filter to get rid of any airborne particle that may be circulating in the house. At Arnold Air, we have been offering HVAC and IAQ services since 1972, so we have enough experience to deal with any type of IAQ problem you may be having. We are licensed and insured to offer indoor air quality service Palm Bay FL. Call us today to request a free estimate or to schedule a service.