Central AC Repair Service Viera FL

Central AC Repair Service Viera FL

Keeping Gross Out of Ducts

Air conditioning is great. It gives people a fighting chance against the hot weather of summer. It is a great convenience and also even a bit of a necessity, especially in places where it gets very hot. In Florida the temperatures approach one hundred degrees at least a few times of year. High heat such as that, when combined with high humidity proves to be uncomfortable. Beyond just comfort hot and humid conditions can be harmful or even deadly. That is why it is very important, and not just convenient, to have an AC unit when living or working in such harsh conditions.

Unfortunately, with as much good as an air conditioner can do, under the worst conditions they can end up being more harm than they are good. The very nature of changing the temperature of air has the tendency to generate moisture. This wetness can collect on various parts of an AC unit including within the ducts. Moisture can lead to the growth of various forms of molds and fungus which, especially within the ducts, can lead to big problems. Fungus spores thrive and love to travel in hot humid air. At the very least mold will cause an unpleasant odor but that is not all. Many molds will cause varying degrees of allergies in some or all people, depending on the type. In a worst case scenario it can cause severe sickness or even death.

Such an infection is one of the many reasons why regular maintenance on an air conditioner is very important. It is important to be ready in case something goes wrong by having contact information for central AC repair service Viera FL. For the top rated local service give us a call at Arnold Air Conditioning. We have what t takes to make it better.