How to Choose the Best Air Conditioning Systems in Sebastian

How to Choose the Best Air Conditioning Systems in Sebastian

Survey says that more than 75% of households in the United States are using air conditioning and about 90% prefer central air. Fortunately, most air conditioning systems in Sebastian are eco-friendly and energy-efficient. Buying and installing an AC unit is expensive, let alone needed repairs or parts replacement. You want to make sure that you are doing it right by considering the most important factors before purchase.

Choose the type that is best for you. There are three types of air conditioning systems in Sebastian — central AC, heat pump air conditioners, and split ductless systems. Central air conditioners use ducts to evenly distribute cool air throughout the house. As the refrigerant cools the air, it dehumidifies it in the process. The second one, the heat pump air conditioner, is common in areas with average heat or cooling needs. During colder seasons, the heat pump moves the warm air inside the house, while it does the opposite during colder months. The split ductless type has an outside condenser partnered with one to four indoor blowing units. The tube that connects each indoor unit cools the room and has its own remote control.

Maintain air conditioners regularly. Nothing beats regular cleaning and maintenance. Air conditioners accumulate a lot of dirt and dust over time that affects the overall efficiency of the unit. Install your air conditioner at least 2 feet away from hedges or plants. Regularly clean grills and filters at least once a month. Insulate ducts to save up to 40 percent of energy. Perform seasonal checks for the maintenance of the drainage system, vacuum and blower compartments, filters, and coils.

Finally, consider the size, energy-efficiency rating, and programmable thermostats among others before buying an AC unit. Doing so will help you save a lot of expenses and headache especially when the unit is already a couple of years old.