Common Faults with Your Air Conditioner

Common Faults with Your Air Conditioner

There are many problems that could lead to poor functioning of your air conditioning system. While some of them could be solved quite easily, you may need to contact Viera air conditioning companies for expert repair and installation.

Low Levels Refrigerant

Otherwise known as Freon, refrigerant is the chemical responsible for cooling the air inside the air condition system. If there is a leak, the levels of the refrigerant may go down. You, therefore, have to check for leaks and have them repaired.

Frozen Coil

When the coil is frozen, there must be something wrong with flow of air. This usually happens when the duct cannot return air or the air filters are too dirty to perform their functions. If your coils are frozen, the refrigerant levels could hit a low.

Inefficient Outside Fan

It is the function of the outer fan to transfer the heat from your home. If it malfunctions, the transfer of heat will be jeopardized. In addition, the compressor which conditions the air may be damaged due to overheating. If it is not damaged, it may trip the safety overload.

Thermostat Sensor Problems

Air conditions are fitted with a thermostat sensor. It is responsible for measurement of the temperature of the air hitting the evaporative coil. If it is not in the right position, the air condition will work continuously without any regulation.

Failure of Electrical Control System

Faulty wiring is one of the greatest risks for any installation. Apart from causing fire, it can trip the circuit breaker or prevent proper power connection. In addition, you should check for possible wire and terminals corrosion.

Remember, it is not always possible to determine the extent of damage to your air conditioning system unless you enlist their help of an air conditioning expert. Talk to Arnold Air, one of the best Viera air conditioning companies. Apart from being the most trusted local company, Arnold Air Conditioning, Inc. has decades of experience in air conditioning.