Daikin 12 Year Warranty

So why is the Daikin 12 Year Warranty so Important?

Daikin 12 Year Warranty - Arnold Air ConditioningYou as a Daikin and Arnold Air Conditioning customer have the opportunity to be worry free for 12 years! No other brand offers that on their manufacturer warranty. You get 12 years on all parts (minus refrigerant), you get 12 years on all labor (does not include $89 dollar service call), 12 years of warranty on compressor, 6 years of condenser replacement on select equipment. 12 months of  satisfaction and financing available, 0% interest, 12 months 0 payments or even 12 year financing! You can get a new high efficiency system for only 60 dollars a month.

12 years of worry free comfort with the Daikin 12 Year Warranty!