Get the Best Indoor Air Quality Service Grant FL

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Get the Best Indoor Air Quality Service Grant FL

Poor air quality inside buildings has been cited as one of the main causes of respiratory diseases, such as allergies, asthma and sinusitis among others. This can be blamed on poorly designed or poorly maintained HVAC systems, which perform poorly when recycling air inside a building. To deal with this problem, a qualified HVAC contractor should be hired to provide solutions on how to improve the IAQ in a building. When in need of indoor air quality service Grant FL residents should know that they can count on Arnold Air Conditioning, Inc, to provide them with reliable solutions.

Improving IAQ

There are dozens of different types of pollutants that may contaminate the air circulating in a building. They include; pet dander, dust, odors from air fresheners and cleaning products, smoke from the kitchen, pollen and pet fur among others. The level of humidity inside the building can also affect indoor air quality. We have a team of HVAC technicians who are highly trained and experienced to handle all makes and models of HVAC and IAQ equipment. They are factory trained and certified by NATE to offer heating and cooling services. You can count on them to deliver reliable and efficient IAQ solutions to maximize your home comfort.

Our IAQ Service

Since 1972, Arnold Air Conditioning, Inc, has been providing clients with solutions to meet their unique air quality needs. The first thing we do when you call us is send a team over to assess the situation in your home. The humidity level and cleanliness of air circulating in the building will be checked. Once the problem has been identified, our team will start by cleaning your air ducts, heating and cooling systems, and replace the air filters. If the relative humidity is higher than normal, our technicians will install a dehumidifier. If our team on the ground notices biological contaminants, they will install a UV lamp to kill any microbes that may be circulating in the building. A whole house air filter may also be installed if the rooms in the building are too dusty. For an outstanding indoor air quality service Grant FL residents should call Arnold Air Conditioning, Inc today.