Go Green With 5 Earth Day Tips By Arnold Air!

Go Green With 5 Earth Day Tips By Arnold Air!

Today is the day, the day in which we all look to be more environmentally friendly to help spread awareness on conservation. Happy Earth Day from all of us at Arnold Air. Here we strive to be as environmentally conscious  as we can be while on our job sites. Each one of our technicians are EPA certified, meeting the government requirements to safely handle and use R-22 and 410A refrigerants. These gases are important for your system, similar to that of your personal vehicle. The refrigerant or referred to some times as Freon is the gas that flows through the components of your HVAC system. The refrigerant constantly changes from a liquid to a gas state while moving through the systems. Many times as the system ages, the refrigerant leaks out into the atmosphere. The government has mandated that all HVAC Technicians carry a certain level of EPA Certifications to be allow to successfully handle, recover and recharge your homes system with the gases called for proper use. Our install crews reuse, recycle and manage the waste they have on their trucks including the plywood and 2×4’s used to rebuild Air Handler Stands. We at Arnold have also teamed up with Daikin Manufacturing in the push to the energy efficient tomorrow. The partnership has allowed us to offer you the customer one of the greenest systems in the HVAC world, including their mini-split and split system lines. Daikin also develops and manufactures their own refrigerant, having invented 410A and now working on an even cleaner and more efficient refrigerant soon to be available.  So as you can see, we have made our pledge to our planet to have a safer tomorrow but we have some tips for you to help with the push for the greener tomorrow!

5 HVAC Green Tips for Earth Day! 

1. Check and Change your Air Filters Frequently. 

Depending on the type of filter, you may need to change it every month, to every few months. This will depend on the brand and recommendations made by your service Technician. However, when the filter goes for several months without being changed, they get gunked up with dirt, debris, pet hair, your hair, and dust. These particles build up on the interior components of the Air Handler causing them to work harder. Eventually raising your electric bill, and polluting the environment with harmful contaminants. (See our Indoor Air Quality page for more info.)

2. Trim and Clean Up Around Your Condenser (Out Door Unit)

This may sound a little out there, however, like the dust particles on the Air Handler interior components, outside debris causes build up on the outside coil. The surrounding, bushes, weeds and fallen leaves drastically diminish the efficiency of your home comfort system. So this Earth Day, go out and clean the leaves off the top of the unit, trim the weeds around the slab, and even clean the gutters so nothing falls into the unit. The water in leaves builds up, causing rust in the unit, potentially damaging the compressor and breaking down the bottom of the unit. And even worse, rust is not covered under any manufacturer warranties!

3. Give Us A Call and Have Us Out To Your Home for A Tune-Up 

Call us today or visit our schedule service page to have us do a 21-pt inspection on your home comfort system. This tune up will rejuvenate your AC system making it as new as a Spring Chicken, ready to rock n’ roll this summer to keep your family cool! This will improve the efficiency and cut the possibility of having a major repair in the future.

4. Upgrade to a Programmable, Wi-Fi Thermostat.

My family has always had a programmable stat, and recently just upgraded to a Honeywell 6000 Wi-Fi stat. The ability to manage my AC from work and while away from the house has allowed us to cut our energy cost, and more importantly, check on our cats! Programmable stats are extremely affordable, and allow you to set them to your families schedule, from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed. These benefits allow you to run the system how you want it and so it is not burning through energy while out of the house. We offer different types with different features and thermostats, including full customization, de-humidification and even self diagnostics. Give us a call to get yours upgraded today!

5. Make Sure Your Duct Work is Up-to-Date and Sealed!

Did you know, your duct work can leak more then 35% of the airflow if not sealed properly. This cooling of your attic, will waste a lot of energy and add a few numbers to your energy bill. Having us out to seal the duct work will help you cut the cost by about 15%, if we find a leak. As the house ages, the duct work does too, the fabric and radiant barriers made to protect the airflow from the heat will deteriorate over time, causing the duct system to be hotter, tricking the AC system to run harder to produce colder air. Give us a call today to get a free evaluation/ estimate on a duct replacement


Your HVAC system makes up roughly 50% of your homes energy bill and in Florida we all know it is hot hot hot during the summers, especially here on the Treasure and Space Coast. Try out these 5 tips to help your system work properly and extend its life!  Happy Earth Day!