Hire the Most Trusted Indoor Air Quality Company in Sebastian

Hire the Most Trusted Indoor Air Quality Company in Sebastian

The quality of air circulating inside your home is worse than the quality of air outside the house. Did you know that? Most people don’t. This is because there is a high concentration of air pollutants inside the house than outside. For instance, there are odors, pet dander, fumes, pet fur, loose clothing fibers, pollen, dust and chemical impurities from washing detergents, insecticides and many other household products. Since the air inside your home is recycled, the HVAC system is tasked with cleaning up the air. Therefore, it is important for property owners to hire reputable HVAC companies with IAQ specialists, to help improve the quality of air in their homes. Since 1972, Arnold Air Conditioning, Inc. has been offering IAQ services to local residents. We are now known as the premier indoor air quality company in Sebastian. At Arnold Air Conditioning, we are also home to the 12-year warranty for all HVAC and IAQ equipment.

Why Choose Arnold Air?

Well, we have been in business since 1972, so we have a lot of experience in the industry. As a licensed HVAC contractor, we are well-versed with the minimum requirements regarding residential IAQ and work to ensure that the air you breath at home is not only safe, but also healthy. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in their work; that’s why we can afford to back all our services with long term warranties. Over the years, we have won numerous awards for our outstanding customer service.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

Air quality is not just measured in terms of how clean it is or its temperature; the moisture content of air is also an important factor. That is why we offer the highest quality dehumidifiers and humidifiers to regulate humidity levels in residential property. We also have different makes and models of UV lamps, which can help to kill all airborne pathogens that may be circulating inside your home. Call us today to discuss how we can make your home safe and comfortable for the whole family.