How To Tell Which Air Conditioning System Is Best For Your Home?

How To Tell Which Air Conditioning System Is Best For Your Home?

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It is beyond doubt that when spring approaches and the boiler days of summer sneak closer air conditioning units are life-savers. Not only do they leave you feeling comfortable, cool and refreshed at home, they also prevent dangerous health-related problems such as heat strokes.

This is the reason why it is essential to have a way to cool your home down this coming summer. If you are looking into purchasing a new air conditioning system or perhaps even replacing an old one the first thing to do is to determine which type of cooling system will work best in your home.

Different Types of Cooling Systems Available

Room Air Conditioners

If you are looking for an affordable way to cool down specific rooms around your home room air conditioners are the way to go. The cooling system works through an external compressor (located outside of your home) and a unit mounted on the wall.

The major drawback of this unit is if you are looking for the most affordable option to keep your entire home synchronized regarding the room temperature… this is not the right fit. The reason is each room will require its own mounted room air conditioning unit, which can become expensive.

Central Air Conditioners

These are the most efficient in terms of keeping your entire home cool. The air conditioning unit works through a combination of pre-installed ducts, coils, and a large compressor and is able to efficiently keep you cool and refreshed in the summer.

The advantage of this type of system is that if your home already has ducts installed for your furnace – the same ducts can be used to run the central air conditioner. However, if your home does not come with ducts this can become a hefty investment as it will not be operational until you get the ducts installed throughout your home.

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Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioners

This is an attractive option for homes that do not have ducts pre-installed. As the name states ductless mini-split air conditioners are conventional as the cooling unit does not operate through ductwork.

This cooling unit works similar to that of the central air conditioning unit with a large compressor on the outside of your home doing all the heavy-lifting.  In a normal set-up, the units for this cooling system are mounted on the wall or just above the floor.

This poses another advantage over different air conditioning units as each mounted cooler has its own temperature control meaning more flexibility in controlling room-to-room temperature.

Choosing the Right Service to Help With the Installation of Your AC Unit

Now that the hard part is over and you have done research and settled on what type of air conditioning unit you want to install in your home the next thing is to decide which air conditioning installation Grant FL service to use.

This is where we believe Arnold Air can assist as not only do we have years of experience in air conditioning installation Grant FL but we also have various trained technicians able to ensure that your system is installed without any problems.

If you are interested in getting that AC unit up and ready before the heat comes to play be sure to contact us at 772-589-1063 for residents based in Indian River County or 321-952-5511 for residents in Brevard County.