If You’re Concerned About Your Indoor Air, Then Read This

If You’re Concerned About Your Indoor Air, Then Read This

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With all the news and other noise we hear about the pollutants in our air, can you believe that the air in our home can be 2 to 5 times worse than the air that’s outdoors?

The reasons for this can result from all the dust, lint, and other particles that our homes seem to be so gifted at collecting, as well as a lack of regular cleaning on our part. The performance of our air conditioning units can also be a major factor too.

As you’re probably already aware as well, if anyone in your home suffers from allergies, asthma, or other problems involving their breathing then having an indoor air quality service in Melbourne, FL is very important.

Here’s the steps you can take right now to have cleaner air inside of your home……

Regular Maintenance Chores That Help Create Clean Air

Hopefully you are regularly dusting, sweeping, and disinfecting your counters, tables, and desks. It’s quite a chore for anyone, especially if you have a pet or two, but this is by far the number one thing you can do that’s well worth reiterating.

A few chores that are often neglected however involve your air conditioning system. Inside the unit itself and the ducts, there will often be lots of dirt and dust that is hard for any of us to remove with just our common cleaning materials. That’s why many providers like us spend a lot of time cleaning the ducts and performing yearly tune-ups. Without these services, your indoor air will quickly slide downward in quality.

So be sure and change your air filters every month preferably, and notify one of us whenever its time to have a cleaning or inspection performed.

A Few Of The Potential Health Problems Than Can Arise

It’s often hard to believe, but when your AC is struggling to regularly pump out clean air, you will start to feel unwell.
The worst case is when something inside the unit has broken down and has started to create carbon monoxide gases. These gases can be very dangerous if they build up inside your home, and can be prevented with the yearly tuneups we just mentioned.
Basically, carbon monoxide will make you feel nauseous and disoriented, and at its worst you can pass out from the fumes. Sometimes the stuffiness that’s reported to us comes from this as well as the buildup of particles like dirt and lint.

What You Should Do Now

If you haven’t already, please start cleaning up after yourself, your family possibly, your pets, and then have an HVAC technician like ourselves here at Arnold Air come by to clean your AC system.

Not only will the potential breathing problems decrease, but the life of your air conditioner will increase dramatically once we find out why you’re not getting as much clean air as before. Give us a call at 321-952-5511 if you’d like to schedule an indoor air quality service in Melbourne, FL.