My AC keeps shutting on and off intermittently

My AC keeps shutting on and off intermittently

Sometimes your AC may have some easy fixs that you can do by yourself at home. If your AC keeps shutting on and off intermittently you can do some of following to check what could be happening.

First solution: if you have a programmable thermostat, check your settings. If the schedule is set to change at a certain time of the day, you may have a schedule issue. For example: if the time is 6:00pm and you just clicked your thermostat to 72 degrees. At 7:00pm the thermostat schedule may be set to go to 74 degrees, resulting in the system shutting off, and then kicking back on once the temperature is reached.

Second solution: Check your float switch/ safety device. If the device is tripped, your AC will be turned off, depending on how the device was wired the air handler/ inside unit may be off or the whole complete system may not be running. This is a cause of a backed up drain line and water running to the system. The float switch is design to be activated when water hits it to not allow the system to over flow. To reactivate you just need to pull the top off. Is there is water in the lines you may take a shop vac and try and clear the drains your self out doors.

In order to prevent these issue and help maintain your systems health make sure to change your filter every month, check your drain line and pour vinegar down the line to help prevent gunk build up. Checking the thermostat batteries will also help make sure the system does not stop working on you while its hot out side.

Signing up for a preventative maintenance agreement will help you and your system keep a peace of mind on those hot summer days. We will come out twice a year and service your system. Making sure it is in tip top shape for you when the summer heat comes.

However, if these quick solutions do not work, give us a call 772-589-1063 today and schedule a service call. One of our trusted technicians will be happy to help you get your system running!