My electric bill seems too high

My electric bill seems too high

Electric bills tend to rise over time. With the new wave of the most effecient items ever, we are still trying to get our homes to be more and more of a money saver. But what happens when the bill starts going through the roof!? A few simple things you can check on before self diagnosising it to the air conditioning system.

First thing to note is what other high electric pulling items do you have in your home? Older washer and dryer? Old appliances? or what about a pool heater or hot tub? Older homes with ineffecient appliances may cause your electric bills to increase over time. But how do you know? Local electric or energy companies such as FPL (Florida Power and Light) will come to your home and measure your individual appliance to see how effecient they are to your home.

Looking at the home, especially if older, the house itself my have some out dated features, old duct work, poor insulation and a old ineffecient air conditioning system may also be causing your energy bills to raise. An average system life is about 8 to 10 years in Florida. This is due to the fact the air conditioner runs almost twice as much as it does in other states. Like any other product that is used often and hard, the components begin to break down. Sometimes these break downs are not noticeable to you the homeowner, however, it could be affecting some key features in your AC. A compressor drawing high amps may not make a noise or even skip a beat, but once it blows, it can be a very expensive repair. Old duct work, may be crushed, deterrated causing air flow to go escape into the attic, or heat to get into the trunks. The holes and restrictions in the duct cause the system to work harder to keep the system cool. Resulting in longer run times that will wear out your system. This is almost the same result in poor insulation. The poorly insulated attic will heat up faster, causing the home to be naturally hotter. This will cause the system to work harder and less effeciently because the home will never be cool.

If you have an ineffiecent AC system, or your electric bill just seems to high, give us a call at 772-589-1063, and we will be happy to come out and help your decrease your high electric bills with some easy solutions!