My Home Is Just Not Comfortable

My Home Is Just Not Comfortable

Is your home just not feeling right? Constantly having headaches, feeling stiff or stuffy in side your house? Are you just not comfortable? It may be a result of your Air Conditioning system. There are several factors that can be causing you to miss out on being comfortable in your home. Uneven airflow, not using the equipment to its full potential or even out dated equipment can cause you to feel like your home and your homes health is just not comfortable.

Undersized duct work or duct work restrictions can cause an issue with rooms in your home being to hot or to cold. Making sure your ducts are probably sized, your attic is insulated and the duct work is not damaged will help increase the air flow and tempature balance through your home.

Majority of the AC systems today have the ability to remove humidity from the home lowering the always muggy and stuffy feeling in your rooms. These systems can be equiped with a programmable thermostat, you can set this to work with your schedule so you can be cool when you want to, but yet saving you money on the electric bill while away.

In Florida, the average life of an Air Conditioning system is 8-10 years, just right out of its warranty. If your system is more than 12 years old, it is time to consider replacement. Upgrading to a more efficient system will not only help with your homes comfort, but yours and your homes health. A more effecient system will also allow you to see a decrease in your once high electric bill!

But… if you have the most top of the line equipment. The best way to protect that investment along with your homes health is adding Indoor Air Quality packages. Visit our Indoor Air Quality page to learn all about the benefits! With IAQ you can control the dirt and dust that accumlates inside your AC system and home. Germs, mold spores, bacteria and viruses are all airbourne and live in the Air Conditioning system and potentially cause harm to your health. The build up of these particals on your system can reduce its efficiency by 50%.