Test Your Indoor Air Quality to Ensure Better Health

Test Your Indoor Air Quality to Ensure Better Health

It is a fact of life that most people spend 90 percent of their life indoors, and this is why air quality in a home or working and living space can be of great importance.

Pollution indoors is said to be five times more than what you will find outside and is largely responsible for symptoms like allergies, skin rashes, irritation of the eyes. People spending a lot of time indoors can often suffer from dizziness, headaches, flu symptoms and sinus. It is not uncommon for people wanting to go outside just for getting over these problems that seem to clear with fresh air.

Indoor air quality is often affected by pet dander, cigarette smoke, and dust that collects on surfaces and in ducts and HVAC systems. It can always help if you take the services of an indoor air quality company in Melbourne if that is the city you work and live in. These agencies will have professionals who will inspect the area you want surveyed to assess the pollutants that are present and causing problems for the inhabitants.

They will then install devices to detect the pollution or use other instruments to detect their presence. They will then suggest  remedial measures that can improve the quality of indoor air. Mold is another pollutant that can affect damp homes and lead to health problems. Samples of air are taken by these agencies and tested for the presence of spores or other pollutants. Mold formation can be prevented by constant attention to moisture and by preventing dampness from forming through leaks in pipes and roofs.

The agencies that you appoint for testing air quality will bring in their expertise and advise you, but preventing the buildup of air pollutants in a home is often the better alternative. Keeping humidity in a home below 50 percent with the installation of dehumidifiers can help to control the formation of mold.