Three ways that nature purifies outdoor air and how an indoor air quality company in Melbourne, FL can help you to do the same in your own home

Three ways that nature purifies outdoor air and how an indoor air quality company in Melbourne, FL can help you to do the same in your own home

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1. Outdoors, particles are naturally ionized and removed from the air.

In nature, weather patterns are constantly moving and mixing air. Particles are constantly entering and exiting the air. Through processes of ionization, gasses in the air outdoors naturally pull microscopic airborne particles into clouds and then down to the ground as precipitation. This natural bonding traps airborne chemicals and particles in a cycle which returns them to the earth.

This natural purification process ends where your front door closes. Normally, the air inside people’s home’s is stagnant and lacks any sort of purifying cycle. An indoor air quality company in Melbourne, FL like Arnold Air can install air purifiers that recreate this cycle of ionization. They do so by pulling air in and trapping particles that would otherwise be trapped in your lungs.

2. Outdoors, ultraviolet light from the sun kills germs, bacteria, odors and chemical particles in the air.

The sun is a powerful part of the life cycles on this planet, and not only because it provides warmth and energy. The ultraviolet rays from the sun also help to purify air. You might not know it, but ultraviolet light can actually neutralize microscopic bacteria, viruses, chemicals, odors and volatile organic compounds. It’s no myth that fresh air is good for you. It really is cleaner, purer and free of dangerous germs and bacteria that might float around in your house for days.

Normally, windows and walls keep the ultraviolet light from the sun out of your home and your air can become filled with microscopic particles and contaminants. Arnold Air can bring this level of purification into your home air system by installing dual wavelength UV lights in your air ducts. This will purify your air 24 hours a day and keep you healthy without using chemicals or sprays.

3. Outdoors, plants remove toxins and harmful particles from the air as they respirate.

This is a no brainer, everyone knows how important plants are for keeping a clean air environment. Our planet’s forests and sea plants produce the oxygen that we breathe and without them we could not live. But each plant has a unique effect on air quality when it respires. Some plants clean specific toxins, some produce extra oxygen during specific times of day, some produce healthy chemicals that improve air quality. Nearly all plants are good for your air.

The easiest way to bring the benefits of nature into your home is to actually bring nature into your home. Buy some potted houseplants to help your AC unit in the purification process. Where you sleep, where you do laundry or store chemicals, and where you cook are all great places to keep plants. Those are the places where your air needs purifying the most.

Between these three steps you can take to keep your air clean, you will surely notice a difference in how you sleep, wake and go about your day. The air we breathe becomes everything we do and dirty air can be detrimental to our health and wellbeing.

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