What Your House Is Trying To Tell You About Your Air Conditioner

What Your House Is Trying To Tell You About Your Air Conditioner

Windows that let the sunshine in each morning, a tire swing in the backyard for welcoming the summer by the shade tree and a blue front door that brings in all your favorite people from a great, big world… in many ways, your house is a living, breathing creature. It protects and nurtures everything you care about most and that is why when it speaks up – it is well worth the listen. Your home can tell you so much about the health of your air conditioning unit, letting you know when you need to call in the pros, keeping your family comfortable and healthier year round.

Two Commonly Overlooked Hints From Your Home

According to Melbourne air conditioning repair experts, the two issues that most often go unnoticed are also two of the most common. Everyone has walked past a vent that has gotten a bit dusty on the exterior. This may be your home’s way of saying “Time to change the filter.” When old filters overstay their welcome, you may begin to notice an increase in colds and allergies which is especially undesirable for families with asthma. Changing your filter regularly can greatly reduce health risks for those with lung issues.

Alternatively, if you have noticed a decrease in air output, warmer than usual temperatures or a constant running of your unit, your home may be trying to draw your attention to your return and vent areas. When this happens, double check that there is nothing blocking adequate airflow. Do not forget to check larger items like furniture to make sure there is enough clearance to keep your air working correctly.

The Air Conditioning Whisperer

If you are listening to your house but still have no clue what it is trying to say, call Arnold Air, a Melbourne air conditioning repair expert who speaks fluent “house.” From simple fixes to major problems, Arnold Air can help keep your air unit healthy, ensuring that your family enjoys every minute of home sweet home.